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M-BET LIKES YOU is born, the M-BET Community where your passion for Sports and SIMBA Sports Club becomes unique advantages, rewards and experiences.

Each month you will have access to the points you have accumulated and the prizes you have available in WhatsApp and also in the DM (Instagram).

In the event you do not have access to any of those 2 communication channels, you can always get in touch with us by phone and you will require to prove you are the owner of the account.

Promotion Legal and Rules


1. - What is M-BET Likes you?

The Club in which our registered players with an active account (the player is to have played tickets in the current month) can enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences. For every 50,000 TZS played and lost in sports, you will receive +1 Like M-BET that you can accumulate and redeem for advantages and experiences.

2. - How can I sign up for M-BET Likes YOU?

Register at M-BET and have an active account, so start doing tickets.

3. - How can I find out my total M-BET Likes “points” and my available benefits?

Monthly you will receive your points that you have accumulated either by WhatsApp or by Instagram, in case you want to continue accumulating or exchange them for the advantages and experiences available. The available benefits are always indicated in our communications and on the website and app.

4. - How long do I have to use my Likes?

The Likes you receive are valid for a maximum of one quarter (3 months), since we will change the advantages and experiences to surprise you every quarter, and so that you can enjoy different and unique experiences. Every quarter any Likes not enjoyed will be reset.

5. - How can I give or receive Likes from other people?

In M-BET Likes cannot be transferred between users.

6. - Do you have more questions?

Check all the information about the program on M-BET Likes You in the Terms and Conditions on the page.


The offer is valid from April 4, 2024 until January 4, 2025 for M-BET users located in Tanzania.

  1. To be part of the exclusive points program, it is necessary to have an M-BET account and be an active player. The user will accumulate points or 'M-BET Likes' from the moment they are registered, and have tickets played and lost.
  2. By participating in the M-BET Likes You program, the user gives us his consent to send a communication on a monthly basis and to use his username in case of winning a significant prize. Under no circumstances will we use your personal information for advertising and/or marketing purposes without your written consent.
  3. The user will obtain an 'M-BET Like' for every 50,000 TZS deposited and lost (net losses) from the moment they sign up for the points program and the net losses will be calculated on a monthly basis. Points are exclusive for each user and non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for any other type of prize or reward other than those offered each quarter.
  4. The user will receive a communication every month, indicating the points or 'M-BET Likes' accumulated. At the end of the third month of each quarter, the user will receive 1 informative communication either through WhatsApp, Instagram DM or SMS, with the total points accumulated along with the prizes available to redeem, if they have enough points. Some prizes, those related to the sponsorship of the SIMBA football team, will be delivered monthly while the rest of the rewards will be delivered in the following month, and will be reported in a timely manner.
  5. The available prizes will be indicated on the page and will be updated quarterly. Points accumulated and not redeemed for each user on a quarterly basis will be lost. The quarters are detailed below:
    • From April 4 to July 4, 2024.
    • From July 5 to October 4, 2024.
    • From October 5 to January 4, 2025.
    If due to force majeure the reward is not available, M-BET undertakes to provide a substitute item of similar or equal value.
  6. To redeem points for prizes, gifts or experiences, the user must follow the steps that will be indicated by the M-BET team at the end of each quarter, before the points are reset. The user must have a fully active account with tickets made in the last month.
  7. M-BET reserves the right to cancel or reverse any 'M-BET Likes You' prize or reward to any user, provided that their accreditation was made as a result of manifest error, fraud, technical failure or other unforeseen circumstances.
  8. Fraudulent entries or entries that attempt to make improper use of the promotion will not be allowed. M-BET reserves the right to block access to the account or cancel the subscription of any user if it detects irregular behavior on the part of the user. Same.
  9. M-BET reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion without prior notice to users.